Tuesday, March 31, 2009

up up and....homework

Yes indeed I did get up at 6:45 this morning! I was at school working on an essay by 7:30 so much was accomplished in the time I would have spent sleeping!

As a bonus I was up at 1am with a vomiting husband to tend to and I still got up..Yeah I did think about using it as an excuse but I fought it. I am glad I did because I think that I would have just thrown in the towel because it is easier to sleep in.

SO far I am feeling ok, I did get a coffee asap this morning which helped a lot. Now I am eating lunch (weight watchers fresh meal mac an cheese, diet coke, and baked lays) and doing even more homework. SO I am off to be productive I hope you all are having a lovely day as well.


H-woman said...

Mornings are a glorious time of day--you can get oodles accomplished before the masses are even out of bed.

H =)

Cat_82 said...

Check out my blog....I made an oopsie and now you get to pick something else.... <3