Saturday, March 28, 2009

Well last night I babysat until 9:30 in a house filled with nothing to eat. I mean that there was food but nothing that went together or didn't require serious cooking. SO by the time I got out I was STARVING! I ended up picking up the hubs and heading out for dinner, oops. I used up all my points and maybe a little bit more.

Fast forward to right now. I ordered pizza and ate until I was satisfied which in itself is a victory on my part because I used to eat until I wanted to puke. I had 3 pieces of pizza. This leaves me with very few points for the rest of the day but you know I am ok with that. I will work with it.

I am really trying not to associate certain foods with guilt. Food shouldn't be a matter of guilt or glee, it should be fuel.

I know that eating healthier will make me feel more healthy and that eating junk will make me feel like junk. But sometimes you just want junk. If I am going to consume the junk either way then I want to be able to focus on it and enjoy it without the guilt.

On another note, I am not sure if I will officially weigh in tomorrow or not. I am leaning towards sleeping in a bit instead. So on to drinking some water and relaxing.

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Criztawl said...

I agree with not having any foods put into the "guilt" category. I feel that if you do that then you really are on a diet .... for me I just want to eat healthier and be healthier ... which results in losing weight.