Friday, March 6, 2009


I lied. Originally yes I was eating with some healthfulness in mind and then well dinner happened. I went to Arbys and ordered all the stuff I usually NEVER even think about eating. We are talking a meal of mozzerella sticks, curly fries, and jalapeno poppers. It was ridiculous really. I didn't even truly enjoy it. What a WASTE. I feel ill.

Sometimes I think that this has to happen in order for me to move forward. You can only be stuck at the same plateau area for so long before you break. So now that is in the past and I am moving forward now, not Sunday as planned. It has already gone too far. Did I mention that I feel sick?

I just looked back at some before pictures of myself and have realized that even though I have only lost 10lbs my body has changed so much and I don't want to mess that up. I need to move forward in my weight loss and do what I need to do.

Tonight I am babysitting so I will catch up on some homework while the kiddies sleep and then make a good grocery list for the week. I need to find a lunchbox that fits in my backpack or is easy to carry something slim so that it is easy to carry around. I also think I want to splurge on one of those metal water bottles because they seem to keep the water nice and cold which is a must for me. Anyone have one? What do you think of it?

Sometimes you need to fall hard in order to really pick yourself up.


Sarah :) said...

I'm just sad to hear you didn't enjoy the mozzarella sticks...cause they sound REALLY good!!! *hahaha*

I agree. Sometimes it takes totally falling off the horse to realize how much you needed to be on it in the first place. Shake it off and move forward! You've come too far to give up now. (But you already know this. *hehe*)

Julie said...

I agree you sometimes you need to do this and move on. It just sucks that you did not enjoy it.

Andrea said...

I think it's okay that you ate what you ate. Just make sure to get some exercise so that you burn off those calories. I did exactly what you did just yesterday. I ate a HUGE Beef N' Cheddar sandwich, some curly fries, and a 32 oz. Diet Pepsi. It was SO good! I hadn't eaten anything much that day so I think I didn't totally destroy my day by eating that! Guess what? I lost 1.2 pounds after that! I guess it was a really good thing that I went to the gym that morning and again that night. I burned off those calories.
Don't get too down on yourself if you eat a little bit of junk food every once in a while. Just make sure you balance it out with some exercise. You're doing fine. After all, it takes time to lose the weight. What's that old saying? "Rome wasn't built in a day!" That's what as should think about with weight loss too. We didn't gain the weight over night so we need to give it time to melt away. Thinking that way really helps me to put things into perspective.
You have a great day!

♥ Dee ♥ said...

Listen, life is full of lessons. It's up to us to learn from them. The last time I ate fish and chips is seriously the LAST time I'll EVER eat fish and chips. I was so naseous from the grease... SO not worth it.

Every time you pass Arby's you will remember how you felt as you were writing this post, and you will not want to feel that way again.