Monday, March 2, 2009


Still working on the healing process, my finger is pretty gross, the bandage is big but the pain is minimal thank goodness. I still feel like a big dumb ass and wish I could go back and be a little more careful in my cutting.

I am doing ok food wise, I was down the 2lbs that I gained last week so that is a step back in the right direction. I am missing my meeting right now because the weather is really bad and I had to park my car in a garage for the night. I have missed my last few meetings but have made the effort to weigh in.

Ok well I am still reading your blogs you are all doing a great job!! I am off to rebandage my finger stump. ; )

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Kud said...

eek on the finger. I'm glad to hear that it's healing slowly. Congrats on the loss!! you go girl!