Thursday, April 2, 2009


I am up at 6:30 this morning and I have to say today was a bit of a struggle. I feel pretty exhausted and still congested but I am up. I definitely almost threw in the towel this morning in favor of some more sleep but I got up instead. I knew that there was a lot that I wanted to get done this morning.

So there it is I am up early on this dreary Thursday getting ready to start my day and get some serious work done. I wish you all a very full and successful day!


Criztawl said...

I was up too ... actually I was up at 6am, blah. All my classes start at 8:30 so the latest I can sleep in during the week is 6:30.

Getting up early doesn't get easier ... at least not for me. I've been doing this 6-6:30 thing for 2 years now.

Food Coma said...

I'm sure you are right, but it seems to be worth it to me so far. I am really accomplishing a lot more homework for sure. Do you sleep in on weekends? I hear that that is what can make getting up early remain difficult. I plan of sleeping only as late as 7am on weekends too. That will for sure be my biggest challenge. I don't go out late to much on the weekends though so that will help. I usually sleep until 9 on Thursdays! Dont think that wasn't in my head this morning!

justjuliebean said...

I get up early on the weekends too, I hit my Farmer's Market 7 am on Saturday. Occasionally I'll sleep until 9 or so now that I'm unemployed, but it's rare. There's a lonely dog who lives upstairs who sticks her nose into my cat door and whines started around 5:30 most mornings. Sometimes I get mad and yell at her and send her upstairs, usually I just let her in. She's a lonely 15 year old doggie, how could I not feel badly, she only wants company.