Saturday, January 23, 2010

Small changes

I have decided to give the 30 day shred video another try. My friend had borrowed it for a few months and loved it so much she gave me some cash to buy a new one because wanted to keep it!

SO I picked up a new copy tonight and the husband and I are giving it another try. We have been tossing around the idea of getting up early and doing it before we head off to work. For me this is great because nothing feels better than having accomplished your workout before you even start your day. You feel more energized and are more likely to make better choices in order to not ruin the hard work you put in. I know all of this personally because I went to the gym for a while in the morning and loved it. Unfortunately that gym which was a block away closed and I lost the getting up early momentum.

The only draw back is that I am not, let me repeat NOT a morning person. I struggle to get up now and losing another hour of sleep is not going to help the situation. I hate getting up early so much that I shower at night to let me sleep in later in the morning. I have been know to get up 25 minutes before I head out the door, usually still half asleep.

My biggest struggle over all with exercise is that I am soo tired when I get home after a long day. I just cannot muster hte energy and therefore find it easy to make an excuse to skip working out. If I work out in the morning than there is nothing to get in the way of my work out.

Now I will note that the husband and I are still in negotiations about this morning thing. I do hope I can pull him over to my side of the argument.

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Lisa "One Mom's Weight Loss" said...

I hear you! My husband is a morning person and he drives me nuts with his cheery demeanor first thing. I would rather not speak for at least an hour after I get up.

I go to the gym in the morning after the kids go to school. I can't imagine trying to get up an hour earlier, work out, and then go to work. That would be really difficult.

I hope it works out for you :)