Monday, March 15, 2010

15lbs in 12 weeks.

So that's how it breaks down. I need to lose a little over a pound a week to fit into my dress. Here is hoping! My last other idea is to put a corset in the back of the dress. If the dress isn't looking like it will close 6 weeks before the wedding I am going to look into getting that done.

Really it needs to be about 10lbs at the 6 week mark in order for me to stand a chance in the dress fitting in time. I realize that putting a time limit is usually not a good idea but truthfully it isn't about a choice at this point. I either will lose it or not in which case I need a back up plan. Thankfully the Bride isn't a picky person and wouldn't care if I altered the dress. The other perk that would help that situation is that I am the maid of honor and I am the only one wearing this style of dress!

My ideal plan is to lose though because I need to lose the weight either way.

Oh yeah I also have a plan to weigh in with a friend of mine at her house on Sundays. She is this gorgeous girl with a little junk in the trunk she wants to get rid of! I really respect her and I know that I won't want to disappoint her. The only downfall would be that we have a history of starting things and not finishing them!

So here is to a new start.

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Kat said...

You can do this! Visualize exactly where you want to be. I will be thinking good thoughts for you and checking in. I know you can do this!