Saturday, March 27, 2010

500th Post!

Wow it is hard to believe that this is my 500th post, where does the time go?

I wish I had something exciting to mark this spectacular numeric occasion but I don't really. I am pretty much just trying to get back into the ww online thing. I have counted points all week and I am hoping to see at least a small loss tomorrow. I checked in this morning (I know..bad) and I was the same as when I started..bummer but I cannot expect miracles. I guess I am just used to seeing a big loss in the first weigh in.

My goal for tomorrows weigh in is to except whatever number I see and just keep working. Either way I had a healthier week and I am moving towards the right direction.

I did get a few walks in this past week. I struggled on the days I was at class until 6 becasue once I got home and ate dinner it was too late to walk. I have found that if I walk too close to my bedtime I struggle to get to sleep and end up tossing and turning all night. Its not an excuse it is just life. On the days I didn't have class I worked out as soon as I got home from school and that was great.

So this coming week I plan on just keeping at it!

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Anonymous said...

500? Wow you talk a lot... KIDDING!!!

I love your blog. :)