Monday, March 1, 2010

Hey Guys!

I am home from school today, I just needed an extra day off. I feel like I have not had a single break since before the cruise. Yeh i know the cruise should have been a break but really we traveled with a go go go couple and I ended up more tired after vacation than before. So anyways I took today off to get my life back together.

I really feel like that was a good choice. Yesterday I felt incredibly anxious about the coming week and was not feeling ok about life. I was feeling overwhelmed and upset for no particular reason. This morning I feel better about things. I have started tracking again and have made a really good grocery list which I will take care of tomorrow. I am planning more and thinking about meals when I write my grocery list instead of healthy bits and pieces that I dont even end up using. I am really going to try an focus on getting a good breakfast in the mornings too.

As I write this entry I know that I have written similar post before. I am tired of letting myself down. I really just need to keep focus no matter how many weeks I plateau, I need to remember that it will end eventually and that a plateau is better than gaining all the weight back! That is what happens! I plateau, give up and gain it back. I have got to break tht cycle. So here is to trying again.

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