Sunday, March 21, 2010

back to ww

Shocking..right? I am back to do ww online. I bought simple healthy groceries and I am ready to go. And go is what I need to do...meaning I need to get some more activity in for sure. I want to get back to running. I want to start slow though. My plan is to walk 30 minutes a day. That is manageable. How can I deny myself 30 minutes for my health.

I have learned one thing about working out. I cannot do it close to bedtime which is typically when I cna find time. If I work out right before bed I am wired all night. Wait....what does that tell you...yeah working out gives you energy. Duh, Jess. Maybe morning workouts are best. So I am going to start with walking 30 minutes a day in the early evening but I am also going to work on getting up earlier. But not to work out. If I know the only reason I am getting up is to work out I am soo much more likely to say no way and sleep in. So instead I will just get up earlier and enjoy my coffee without a rush and slowly work myself up to getting up at 6.

I know that if I throw myself into to much too quickly I will burn out . It is just too much change at once that kills me. So slow and steady is the plan.

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Lucy said...

I'm really rootin' for you here in the northwest!

If I may give my "2-cents": Make sure you give your body enough fuel for the day & don't starve yourself but be kind :) you deserve it!