Sunday, March 14, 2010

Dress dilemmas

Hey remember this when I was talking about buying my bridesmaid dress. Well i ended up going with a 14 and and now really regretting that decision...the dress does NOT fit. SHit. I tried it on tonight and well its not pretty. The wedding is in 3 months almost to the day. I am weighing in at about 184, when I picked it out I was about 175 needing to lose about 5 lbs. That leaves me needing to lose about 15lbs.

In 3 months. Yeah it is totally doable. I just have to switch my focus back to working my ass off. I have got to get myself together.

I love this dress and I do not want to despise it. I want to enjoy it. I am going to count points again...I know shocking right lol. Someone please give me crap the next time I quit ww's ok?

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