Sunday, November 22, 2009


I need to get on with it already, enough coasting. Enough doing the bare minimum and getting matching results. I am done screwing around. There is less than 3 months until the cruise! I am heading out of town Tuesday for the week and I will be out of my comfort zone for sure. Which means I need a plan.

Thanksgiving day doesn't worry me so much, not even that there will be 2! It is more of the filler meals I worry about. A bag of chips here, a drive through meal or two there, and not to mention none of my go to foods.

So my plan is to hit up the grocery store when I get there and pick up some food to carry us through the week. I need to stay away from the chips and bags of oreos! I usually bake while I am up there which is fun but cookie dough is not a good thing to eat! I am also making thanksgiving dinner on Friday so that will keep me quite busy.

Overall I think it will be ok, I am really hoping to lose a pound or two while I am there. Its not likely but it would be lovely. I am going to focus on what foods are important and those that I don't get to eat other than at the holidays. SO thats the plan also I will have no internet while I am gone so don't miss me too much!

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Stella said...

Good luck with your plan. I think having a plan in place is the beginning of good thinking.

Don't slacken. Sail forth and conquer!