Sunday, November 8, 2009


Holy moly! I looked back at my weight loss and while for the most part it is a downward slide it still shocked me to see how long it takes me to lose! On average I lose 1-2 lbs and then nothing for 3 to 5 weeks! This is a little messed up! I need to figure out how to get some consistent weight loss. It seems almost like I have no control. Whether I eat all my points, just my dailies, my activity it doesn't seem to give me a consistent result. I know this becasue I looked back on the weeks that I lost and they were all different.

For a control freak like it this is rough. I want an answer, someone to tell me what to do. I know I'm not going to get one. I just have to keep going and focus on making good choices. For the record it also seems the more I work out the less I lose!

Please I know its not muscle, we are talking I go to Zumba the next day I have gained a pound. Sometimes I wish I could just skip the scale but I need the validation.

I know everyone has days when they just want to scream. Today is my day. I am literally going to scream then I am going to move on. I am going to go to zumba, I am going to go for a run this week, and I am going to count every freaking point that goes into my mouth.

I want to hit the 160's by Thanksgiving. That is 3.3lbs. That is my goal. How will I get there?

1. eat breakfast, take vitatmins, and flax oil.
2. Eat at home
3. Zumba, run, and walk.

If you made it this far in this post thank you for listening. I won't let you down. I have not been this close to the 160's since 2001. I will get there this month, I want it so bad. I need to keep my eye on the prize baby!

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