Friday, November 6, 2009

Get it together!

Ok so this may not be entirely about weight loss but I'm sure there is a connection.

I need to get it together. I am so lucky, I have everything I need and a great husband. Sure we struggle with money sometimes, I am to busy, and I am stressed.

None of this will change. I just need to get it together.

So to start I need to get some school work done, planned, and feel accomplished. I need to schedule and know I will have designated times to get all this work done.

I need to organize my house and keep it that way. This is an unneeded stress in my life.

I need to start the writing diet, which will help me express my feelings and clear my head.

I need to schedule some regular activity, I have already started with Zumba but I would like to get some running back in my life.

I really need to reconnect with my husband. I am cranky, I don't want to be around him and he doesn't deserve to be treated like that. He is so good to me but I just tend to want to be alone a lot when I am stressed. I am a control freak and I know that plays a part in wanting to be alone and work through things on my own. I'm not sure how to change this other than to do the things list above to cut the stress and let me feel in control.

Its a lot to do. I am going to start with conquering some school work today since I am home sick. It is the perfect time to catch up. This weekend I will work on cleaning the house, maybe getting a run in, and starting to read the writing diet book.

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andrea. said...

Well, I just finished my 20 minutes of running tonight, so looks like it's your turn to get back to running. Oh yeah, you didn't think I'd ignore that challenge you left on my blog, did you?? :D

I totally relate to this post, by the way. Especially about wanting to just be by yourself to work through things. Although then I have to remind myself that half the reason I feel ABLE to work through things is because I know I have this amazing supporter/boyfriend to come back to. It's a catch 22, kinda. I hope you can find a balance!