Sunday, November 15, 2009


I felt normal today! I went and tried on matron of honor dresses with a couple of skinny girls and felt normal. We changed in the same fitting room serveral times and zipped each other up. This is one of those girl expiriences that I didn't have before now. I was always too embarassed or uncomfortable. When the sales person asked my size I didn't hesitate. I said 14 or 16, probably closer to a 16. no shame. I found a dress that looks lovely on me and I cannot wait to wear it. For the record the scale was up 2.1lbs today, whatever.

When I look at the pictures from today I realized that I look pretty good, normal sized. Of course I looked bigger than the other 2 girls but not in a shocking way, in a ..we are built differently kind of way. It was really fun! I love love love dresses!


andrea. said...

That's awesome! It's amazing how you don't even realize what you were missing, until you have moments like these. I had the same thing last month when I swapped coats with my friend at a bar without even thinking about it, and then later was like, "Holy crap we could swap coats!!" Haha! Love those moments. :)

Food Coma said...

I remember that post! It was so like that! BTW you totally looked hot in that coat!