Thursday, June 5, 2008

Anti diet coke bandwagon.

So I jumped on that anti-diet coke bandwagon, not to mention no artificial sweeteners at all. So far I'm doing fine but isn't this supposed to help my weight loss? No instead I have gained two pounds. I'm not saying that it is all about the DC but it seems coincidental. I went out to dinner tonight and it triggered a pretty strong urge for some DC but I managed to fight it. I'm hoping that something is going to change soon because this is getting a little frustrating. I am eating well and getting some activity everyday but I haven't seen a positive change in my weight which just really makes me want to give up. 
Maybe it is time to put the scale away. For a week. Ok right now I am going to put the scale away and I will check back in next  Thursday and let you know if anything is happening. 

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anna said...

for me, weightloss is easier with one vice that is actually calorie free. so, i'm a dietcokeaholic. that's just the way it is for me. i know it's different for others...but that's just me.