Thursday, June 19, 2008


Yeh, that's right. I'm hungry. Guess's a good thing. When I don't watch what I'm eating I am always "hungry" no I'm actually just not overfull. Today I was hungry. I felt it in my tummy, it was saying you need fuel, eat. 
This may not seem to be a relevation to anyone else but to me it means I am doing something good. It also means that being off the DC has worked. My body isn't constantly confused, anymore, thinking that the taste of sweet means food will follow. Yay no more artificial sweetners for me. 

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totegirl said...

Ooh, that is good! I know exactly how you feel! I was that way when I ate a lot of bread, though, since I don't drink sodas.

I thought of something to replace the DC with! Mineral water! I am replacing beer with mineral water. Having the cold glass bottle in my hand makes me not feel deprived in party situations. I drink Topo Chico. Maybe that will work for you too!