Sunday, June 8, 2008


When I joined weight watchers I did it because it allowed me to eat ANYTHING I wanted and still lose weight. As I got more and more wrapped up in the ww plan I began to search for any foods that were 0,1, or maybe even 2 points. I became obsessed with finding food that fit in those categories and when a food didn't then I completely forgot about it. It seemed like foods were in two categories 0-2 points or 7-12 points (dinner stuff). I realized that I was denying myself simple things like a small glass of orange juice or salad dressing that isn't only 0-1 points. I found this 2point delicious honey mustard dressing that is great and that makes me want to eat more salads. That's a good thing, I am actually able to enjoy my salad and therefore eat more of it. SO just remember just because one food isn't super low in points, but if it makes you feel more satisfied for a marginally small point adjustment then splurge. I think it is important to remember that sometimes a little of the real thing is better than a lot of the reduced fat kind. 

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