Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Why did I let myself eat that pizza. Like my blog/weight loss icon Roni at PIZZA is my major weakness. So of course the snack at work (a daycare) today was mini english muffin pizzas. I have to sit at the tables while the kids eat and of course two of those little yummy pies drifted into my drooling mouth. 
It wasn't the end of the world or my day and yeah I can totally fit them into my points for the day but the point was that I didn't need them. I really didn't plan for them, I didn't even feel hungry, but I ate them anyways because I wanted to. I knew that snack time is a problem and had even made the plan to pop a piece of gum, but I didn't.
I have officially found the weak point in my day. Around 2-3 I am always looking to eat nonstop. And since I don't have anything usually planned for that time period and because I never want to consume too many points at that point in the day, I end up picking. A cracker here, a hershey kiss there, and it is never satisfying. 
Well tomorrow I will be prepared, I will pack a snack to fill that void. The answer to my problems is planning. Now I have a plan.


Roni said...

I've benn there!! LOL At least it wasn't 4-5 regular slices!

A plan is the way to go and the gum is a good idea!


PS Icon? Really? Noooooo LOL

Jess' s Food Coma said...

Roni, you Rock. You are practically a super hero!