Sunday, June 15, 2008

Honesty rears it's ugly head.

The good news is that I ran into a family member who asked me if I had lost weight and really pressed the fact that she thought that I had definitely lost weight. Ok now the truth I am at my highest weight in two years. All the weight I had lost (about 20lbs) has come back. I don't have any explanation or excuse.
 I stopped following weight watchers, I stopped exercising, and I gave up
I tried just cutting down on calories, I tried high protein, I attempted running, I cut artificial sweeteners, I tried drinking a ton of water which resulted in major headaches, Now its time to return to what worked before. 
I am going to start counting points again. I can't afford to go to meetings right now but I will hopefully be able to get my husband to be my weight in person. 
I cancelled cable which will hopefully get me off the couch more often. I am going to keep drinking water, no artificial sweeteners. I am going to work on the courage to post my daily menu. 
I am tired of giving up on me. It's time to invest some time in myself. 

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Sarah said...

Good for you ;) Good luck. We've all been there. Can't do it til you're really ready and motivated.