Sunday, October 25, 2009

2 weeks

It ahs been two weeks of being out of control in my eating. I mean I have been trying to follow healthy guideline and eat moderately well but there have been far too many splurges and I completely stopped tracking...never good.

I woke up this morning (almost afternoon) and had a salad. I tracked that salad and enjoyed it with a nice cold bottle of water. I am going to pick up some groceries and make a plan for the week. I am really going to try to get some more walking in this week because soon there will be snow and I wont be able to walk outside as much!


skinny me! said...

OK...good! You're started..this is your day back right? You can totally do this! Don't look back...look forward!

Georgia Mist said...

You're back! That's a start in the right direction!
Don't look back, head up, move forward!