Tuesday, October 13, 2009

crap day.

Oh what a day. It has been a eat everything, sit on my ass and watch tv kinda day. I feel sick and I want to cry.

This is a crappy day by far but there is a bright side. To start I have felt in control all day. I knew I was over eating but that I was eating relatively healthy things like cereal and portion controlled snacks, I just ate too often. I drank my water and enjoyed everything I ate. It was not binging by any means. In the past it would have meant mcdonalds, ice cream sundaes, and chips with dip.

I made a decision today. I decided that I would eat until I felt satisfied but I simply felt empty all day. I feel yucky now. I could really use a salad haha.

The important point is that I still feel in control. I know that tomorrow I will go back to counting my points and focusing on nutrition. I know that this doesn't mean that I am completely off track. It doesn't mean I should give up, it means that I need to refocus. I am in this until the end, not just until I can't do it anymore. All in all I am ok. Tomorrow is a new day.

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