Sunday, October 4, 2009

New scale. good or bad?

So I got my new scale today and did a comparison to my old scale. Let me remind you that I replaced the old scale because it wasn't very accurate it gave a couple different numbers when you stepped on and off it. So when I compared my weight from the old scale to the new scale I saw that the new scale say I am 2lbs heavier which doesn't really bother me except for on little reason. I lost 2 lbs this week (as of yesterday, weigh in is tomorrow) which means when I weigh myself according to the new scale I haven't lost anything!

Ok yes physically I have lost 2lbs but since I am going to be using the new scale only I will have to report that I stayed the same on ww! I realize that the number doesn't matter but it helps to see that I have lost that 2lbs. Also according to Mr. old scale I hit my all time low yesterday of 172, Mr. new scale differs. Well I will offically weigh in tomorrow for the first new scale weigh in and I guess I will just move on from there.

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Weight Watchers Chic said...

My scale does the same thing. I can weigh myself 3 times and get 3 different numbers. I go to WW meetings so I use that as my official weigh in but I never know how I did until I get there. My scale weights me 3-5 pounds heavier than the WW scale depending on the day. So frustrating. I would like to know what scale you bought and if it is accurate for you. I would do what you said- start with this one and move on- it sucks but in the long run I think you will be happier to know what it really is!