Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Holy crap, My other sister in law is now pregnant too. My husband and I are offically the oldest and only couple in the family without children. This bums me out pretty bad, I have been really wanting children lately even more than before.

I know it isn't possible for us right now. I am still finishing up my teaching degree, have no health insurance, and we are still in debt. Of course both sister in laws are in the same boat but don't care.

I hate being the responsible one. It sucks.


Meredith said...

Girl, I am right there with you (not with the sister-in-law but in very similar ways). I am 27 and would love to be pregnant right now. I have sorority sisters popping out babies and living great lives (from my POV). We're working to pay off our student loans and living in a house we don't really like just to save more money. One day every wish I have for my life will come true (as will your's). I guess today just isn't our day. And you are being smart about waiting and paying off loans. Or at least that's what our financial planner tells us. :)

Georgia Mist said...

My Nan always said that if you wait for the "right time" to have kids, that "right time" never comes.
I had my only child at 31. I waited for the "right time" to have a second child -- I am 49 in a week and I was never Blessed with a second child.
My heart stil cries for the "right time" for another child to come.
I know that will never happen for me.

The Chick said...

Definitely on the same page waiting until my husband and i are out of debt and also living in a house we don't really love (or i don't) until we can save some money to move. I don't want to raise a family in the middle of a city, i want them to be able to run around and no worry about neighbors watching them. Basically I play the lottery hoping to win every week. But in another year or two, we'll be ready to make that family leap.. and so will you, just keep after it!