Monday, October 12, 2009

A couple of questions

So I gained a pound this week after my trip. I'm not too shocked and I do think it may have to do with the mcdonalds I had yesterday..hello salt.

TMI alert. I may have some problems keeping things moving and I hate the idea of taking laxatives. I eat loads of fiber, drink my water, and get in activity this should not be a problem. SO question one is do you find that getting in your healthy oils in helps with constipation? I also read that taking magnesium helps move things along too. Any one try this?

I am heading to planned parenthood today to get back on the pill. I am a little nervous. I am really hoping I don't gain a ton of weight getting back on the pill. I hate that I am putting hormones into my body but I think I need the no baby reassurance and I am sick of my face breaking out (I am breaking out due to being off the pill) I haven't been on the pill for about a year. I also hate getting a papsmear like everyone else too of course. Not a fun thing.

I really am feeling stressed out about my internship and about moving and finding a job teaching! I am sick of being observed in the classrom. I am sick of school! BLAH!'


Anonymous said...

I have never heard that magnesium helps with bowels and I can't really see the connection. Have you ever tried Metamucil? One tablespoon a day with a big glass of water is all you need. It is "the shit". They is also a pill variety, which makes it easier to take when you are traveling, etc. (you don't have to get Metamucil, there are generic brands)

Also, the new birth control pills DO NOT make you gain weight, that is a myth.

Hope that helps.

totegirl said...

Absolutely yes on the oil. It helps a lot! I made the connection when I was trying to lower my cholesterol. I started using a whole tablespoon of flaxseed oil on a cup of rice every morning. My cholesterol went down a lot, and I got regular. I keep up the oil thing with olive oil now. It helps with that and with shiny hair and nice skin!

carla said...

yes yes yes on the oil or just flax seeds or, perhaps, some fiberfilled plain airpopped popcorn?