Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Anonymous, am I making the right choice? Sometimes I wonder if choosing to be anonymous on my blog is simply another way of letting myself off the hook. Sure I don't really want the world to know my weight but on the other hand..they can SEE me. So what's the big deal. Perhaps I show my face and share my life. There is a possibility that no one from my life would find me anyways.

I am toying with the idea of putting it all out there. Holding myself truly accountable. My other concern is that I will start to censor myself. I my stop speaking from the heart because someone I know might see and laugh at me. I know that it is a seemingly juvenile fear, but it is real.

Are you anonymous? Do you share your life freely? Why did you choose your path?

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The Chick said...

I choose to be anonymous for protective purposes. There are a lot of wack jobs out there looking to take advantage of people and I'd rather them not be able to find my location or look me up somehow.

I do enjoy reading your blog though, weight loss is a struggle. If you find that posting pictures and sharing parts of your life will make you feel more accountable. I'd say go for it, but stick to neck down and be vague about locations.

Good luck in re-starting your weight loss goals. I re-start a lot as well, but I started going to a gym that's only $10 a month and trying to stick to that. So that's helping! Hopefully your bike will help you!