Sunday, August 15, 2010


SO I was at the grocery store today thinking about what to buy to snack on this week. I have very little room in my grocery budget after the bbq yesterday and walked over to the chip aisle to grab a bag. Then something happened, I stopped turned and and walked to the carrots haha. Yep I decided that I would have some baby carrots instead (with left over ranch dip from the bbq) I thik I will be happier with them than the bag of chips.

In other news I was also checking out the bike helmets and was pretty disapointed. They seem to all be very masculine or have Dora the Explorer on them. Hrmm. So my question is....Do you wear a helmet when you ride? What do you like about it or hate about it (besides the whole save your brain thing)?

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Watching and Weighting said...

i wear a cycle helmet! I look like a doofus in it but i'd rather look like a plank than have a brain injury!Not the most flattering piece of kit but worth it! Plus i feel guilty if i ride and dont wear it - i feel like im setting a abd example!!