Thursday, August 19, 2010

riding schedule

As I was reading my new copy of Weight Watcher's Magazine I was surprised to see a new weekly exercise installment based on biking. It has an 8 week plan to get you riding up to 36 miles straight. It's pretty intense. You ride 4 days a week, the first installment is 6 miles (30 minutes). Now I mentioned before that I have been doing short rides. It is tough, they have been typically 15-20 minutes I think and wow what a workout. I am not sure that 6 miles to start out is realistic for most newbies, even on flat terrain thats a lot.

I decided to check out how far my rides have been on basically about 2 miles tops. I played around to see where I could ride the 6 miles. After checking it out I am thinking that I will actually start out with 2, 3 mile rides in a day 4 days out of the week. So I will count this as my first week,yesterday as being day1. I plan on riding today, Friday, and Saturday. Next week I will try to move on to 6 miles straight. I think it will basically turn the 8 week plan into a 9 week plan.. no big deal. Just customizing it to my needs ; )

So far I have not felt any muscle soreness the next day, which hopefully will continue. I am definitely getting my heart rate up even on these little rides. Yesterday I made a basket for my bike. I simply took a basket from the craft store ($3.50), sewed a liner ($3), and used zip ties to hook it to the bike. This basket will hold my water bottle and cell phone. It is a pretty small basket but I think it will work for me now. For some reason blogger isn't letting me upload the picture : (

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Tricia said...

great job with the craftiness!