Friday, August 20, 2010

daily update

Today was a good day. I had a calorie deficit of 682 calories, Yay. No worries I ate over my goal amount of calories but I got lots of exercise. I took a 2 mile bike ride and headed home since my quads were really sore from all the riding yesterday. So since I cut my riding short I decided to go for a walk afterwards. So the husband, dog, and I walked a couple of fast miles. Overall I am very happy with my stats today.

In bike news I finally found the pressure gauge for my tires. Turns out that even though I had put air in after I got the bike that my tires were still quite under inflated (underflated? Deflated?) The info on the tires says do not inflate over 40lbs. I ended up putting in around 25lbs in and the tires feel much better. I rode a little bit in the driveway but it was getting dark out and I didn't want to go out on the road. So now that I put some more air in them and hopefully riding will be easier tomorrow. I also raised my seat some to hopefully the ride height. I think the fact it was so low was partially why my quads hurt so much. So I will see if that makes a difference.

It's going to be pretty warm again tomorrow, which is nice, but too warm during the day to ride. I have been waiting until after dinner to ride but that unfortunately leaves me with little time to ride. I am still feeling a little weird riding by myself. It probably doesn't help that I ride a pink draws a lot of attention. I love it but I dunno it is shaking my confidence a little while I am out. I don't think that it helps that I have to ride pretty slow since I am starting out. I spend a lot of time pushing through the discomfort in my quads (not pain) so sometimes I go pretty slow. I am hoping that it get easier soon.

So I think I have blabbed enough for one day!


~Amie~ said...

I feel the same way! I am still getting used to my bike and feel pretty self-conscious (I can't spell that word) as I pedal slowly up a hill :) But its a pretty fun way to get in exercise, no?

Food Coma said...

Yes Amie it definitely is a fun way to burn some calories. I think all the hard work is worth it for those moments of freedom going down hill and the feeling of conquering a hill, even a small one.