Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day 1 WIN

SO just to check in I rode just under 5 miles today. I took two shorter trips as planned. The first ride I aimed for 3 miles (2.71) and the second ride I just decided to go for fun before it got too dark. The second ride was about 2 miles(1.85). Not too shabby. It is still hard but I am trying to push through the pain. I keep telling myself that I cannot get better until I push through my comfort zone.

As far as calories I am at 1435 right now and I burned around 450. So as I said before I am aiming between 1300 and 1400 so I was a little bit over but with the bike rides I am ok. I just want to make sure that I am burning about 500 calories more than I am consuming through out the day.

In other news I have a job interview tomorrow, it is not a teaching job but it has benefits. It is a part time us cellular position which I am hoping will allow me to substitute teacher a couple days a week. It will at least allow us to have some more steady money coming in. I am thinking I will start applying for teaching jobs next year when I am feeling more secure financially and emotionally.

Well thats life for today.


~Amie~ said...

Great job on the bike! I realized riding is a lot harder than I remember as a kid :) Can't wait til I have mine back. What grades are you certified to teach? I am high school spec ed.

Food Coma said...

I just finished up my k-8 certification. I still have to pay the $100 for the paperwork though.