Sunday, August 22, 2010

Birthday cakes

I went to a birthday party for my little cousin. Knowing that his mom made cupcakes I want to be prepared. I decided to get some activity in to allow me to feel comfortable indulging in a cupcake with no remorse. I knew that I had to get the activity in before th party otherwise it might now happen. So I went for a 2 mile walk before the party.

Once the cake was served I didn't even want any!! Can you believe it! haha. I knew I could have it but I just wasn't really hungry for it so I said no thanks. WIN.

Also I weighed in officially today and I was down 3lbs for the week, well actually I was only counting for about 4 days. I am pretty happy about it to say the least. So far my calories for the day are at 1222, which with activity is a deficit of about 800 calories. Good Day.