Friday, September 3, 2010

breezy evening

Finally we are enjoying a little break from the heat this evening and I sure made the most of it! After being couped up the past couple days with the small exception of a couple super quick bike rides in the dark. I was really ready to get some activity in. The husband and I went for a good walk about 45 minutes after dinner. Once I assessed my calorie intake for the day I was really glad it was still light out because I added a 20 minute bike ride to that. That brought me to a comfy 650 calorie deficit for the day, allowing for a small snack tonight if I wish.

Now I am sitting my sweaty self down on my screened in front porch, windows open, enjoying the breezy evening. I will probably drag myself to the shower after this post and then resume my evening on the porch with my Stef Plum book.

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