Saturday, September 11, 2010

Pancakes (yeah my titles aren't creative)

My husband made me pancakes this morning, I know how lucky am I? Well pretty lucky actually. My first thought was to check the calories in the mix and syrup while he was cooking to make sure I didn't go too overboard. What I saw suprised me a bit and I thought oh no if I eat these I will be screwed for the day. Okay that is the old Jess thinking. In reality I had two pancakes and an eighth of a cup of syrup and was perfectly happy. I didn't feel deprived or lacking in any way. I was not full either, so I think I did well. I ended up using under 350 calories for my pancakes and my coffee. That is pretty average for breakfast, I am considering this a WIN.

In other news this week has felt a little less in control. I went out of town and ate fast food due to a lack of money to go to a real dinner. I tried to not go overboard but with dollar menu it is easy to eat a lot of calories quickly. I am not letting one day get me down. Yesterday I didn't itemize my food I just added up the calories for the meal loosely and wrote it down. While I am glad I tracked I am seeing that it would be easy to underestimate calories that way. Yesterday I did get my activity in, I biked and played frisbee with the husband.

Today I will log everything I eat individually. I will get out and enjoy this fall like weather too!

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