Monday, September 6, 2010


Sometimes I think too much about what I want to blog about and then I have to go back and make sure I didn't actually post it. Most of the time I end up "posting things" in my head haha. You should really get in there and read some time ; )

Yesterday morning (okay I slept in it was like 10) my neighbor knocked on my door asking if I wanted her to help me clear out my lilac bush, there are a couple of sapplings that were growing in it. I said sure. Now I have to set this up, my neighbor is a master gardener and I just moved into a house that was uninhabited for 2 years, so the garden is more weeds than flowers. I know that there are flowers only because I have seen pictures. So I say yes of course and her husband comes over with the chainsaw. We clear out the lilac bush and I am feeling pretty happy. Then she says "I will be right back".

She comes back with her gardening gloves (a pair for me too) and we then proceed to weed the perimeter of my house where the garden is. So, 3 overflowing wheelbarrows of pulled weeds, 2 hours of labor, and 1 cleared out garden later we were done. I am really happy that it has been taken care of and I totally appreciate my neighbor helping me out. I would have had no idea what were flowers and what were weeds, and I certainly wouldn't have gotten it done in one day. I was wayyyy more productive than I could have ever expected for a Sunday morning.

Now this IS my weightloss blog not my home blog so there is a weight loss connection. I burned nearly 700 calories in those 2 hours of weeding....sweet! Now yesterday my hands hurt a little, this morning the back of my thighs are KILLING me! My hands are still a little sore and my lower back is tight but still totally worth it.

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