Friday, December 10, 2010


I am really understanding the science behind the 0 point fruits in the new weight watchers plan. I have never been a big fan or carrots or celery or really any on the old 0 point foods from the previous plans as far as snacking goes. I never thought mmm cut up bell peppers, nope. But now that apples and oranges are 0 points I find myself thinking to grab them more often. In those moments of snacking hunger I choose the zero point fruit becuase it is "free" as opposed to before when it cost me a point and I could eat something else for that point like a mini peppermint pattie or a blowpop.

I am liking it. I am liking the new plan so far. My free trial week is up tomorrow and I cannot decide if I should pay for it. Even the online costs are high the first months with the sign up fee. I wish I knew when the next free sign up was, then maybe I could wait it out. Anyone have an inside tips on when that is happening again?

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