Sunday, December 5, 2010

New strategy

Somedays I just wish someone would just look at me and say "get on the treadmill fatass!" No I am not a negative self talker, I actually love myself a lot even though I know I am very overweight. SOmetimes I look in the mirror with a well stratagized outfit and think "hey I'm not even that big" but it is all lights and mirrors. I am big, I see it in photos, wrong angles, and the muffin top billowing over my pants. I am overweight that is a fact, well obese according to the BMI charts.

In the past I have made tons of goals, most that I bailed on but some that I stayed with. I usually made big goals that were really hard to obtain, others I simply forgot to do. I think that the times they worked I had only 1 goal or maybe two tops that allowed me to focus.

I get overwhelmed very easily by my surroundings, when my homes is disorganized I feel a constant state of low level anxiety and I just cannot relax. Unfortunately, I am not a big cleaner, I hate it actually. I really am a lazy creature. The first step in turning things around will be cleaning up the house, organizing, decluttering, and maintaining. So I am turning off my computer and making a cleaning list. Laundry is already started and my bedroom will be the first room on the list.

Perhaps I just need to declutter my head in order to focus on my weightloss. Well it is worth a try!

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