Thursday, December 30, 2010


I have so many goals and just basic things I want to accomplish this year. Few are actually weight related which makes me happy. My long term goals will not be about losing weight, that is really short term material. Saying I want to lose 50lbs this year is not reasonable, saying I will track for a week is.

So although this is a weight loss blog I want to put some of the more life centered goals out there too. - I want to get my house more finished, I am tired of feeling pulled down by all of the house to dos. This spring we will pull down all of the cracked plasterboard upstairs and reinsulate, redrywall, and put down new carpet. We will restructure our stairs so that they are not so steep and shallow.

Now in connection to the house changes, we are going to be preparing for another big change. We are planning on getting pregnant this summer. Well I am getting pregnant lol. Hopefully we will be successful this summer! If all works out right, I will have my 3 months family medical leave (unpaid) and the summer off with a new baby. But I know that things don't always go as planned but I can hope.

I really would like to get healthy before I get pregnant though I know that it will only help me out! So I have 2 more month of weight watchers online to get me going. Running has been put on hold through the holidays but I am going to get back on the horse this week. If not today then tomorrow. I am not feeling great this morning so we will see how I feel this afternoon.

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