Sunday, December 19, 2010

Baby loss

I only lost .2 this week which was a big surprise for me since I had 13 weekly and 11 activity left over. I spent my week dodging treats and choosing fruit but all I got was a .2 loss. What a bummer. I find that after I run I have a little bit of water retention and I ran yesterday. I am hoping to see a better loss next week. I am not going to lie I am a little disappointed since I really counted and weighed my foods.

This week is Christmas, full of celebrations and food. I am not freaking out because really it is just one day mainly that I need to worry about. Since I had a small loss this week I was hoping for a bigger loss next week but the more I think about it I realize a true goal would be to maintain. I am going to enjoy some food and keep my goal in mind. Lucky for me I don't drink much. I do have a dinner on Tuesday with my best friend who is up from Florida and her little sister who just turned 21.

So I hope you all enjoy your holiday and here is to maintaining.

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Nicole said...

Maintaining over the holidays is a challenge in and of itself! Good luck!