Saturday, December 11, 2010

to pay or not to pay

I am feeling really torn today. Weight watchers is working for me again, first week (actually 5days) loss 2 lbs. I am feeling good. Now my free trial is up today and I have to decide if I should pay the $65 for 3 months, $17.95 each month after. The $17.95 doesn't bother me it is the start up fee that does. I mean we have to be tight with our money and $65 upfront is a lot right now. I know I could just follow the plan on my own but that never works for me. For some reason having to log into the website works for me.

My other worry is that I have always lost that desire to do ww after a month or so. Then it is wasted money. I have spent so much on ww in the past, it kills me. I hate that I feel the need to pay for something I could in theory do on my own. But then I think if it will work then I should keep it up, right? Nothing else seemed to be working before this. I just do not want to lose momentum.

Oh and did I mention that the school forgot to send in my time sheets? yeah no pay check for me yesterday and since it was Friday there was nothing they could do until Monday.

Well I will let you know what I decide, I really do like the new ww plan though!

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HominyBranchNeighborhoodAssociation said...

I don't know what the gift-giving habits are in your family, but in mine it is perfectly acceptable to just say what you want. It makes it easier for the gift-giver and the end up with what you want. What if you just asked for the ww membership as a gift? Kim