Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I did it again

I got quite a workout today. I did two 1/2 hour bouts of shoveling snow and ice off of my driveway AND I ran run2 week 1 of couch to 5k. SO far soo good! I do really love running, yes it is really hard but man it feels good. You feel the workout all over your body. It is so nice to be able to hop on the treadmill and not worry about bothering the neighbors downstairs! Now that we have a hours it is not a problem!!

One problem I am having is that I am drinking more water and getting really bad heartburn! Ah I hate it. DOes anyone else get heartburn from water?

Eating is going well, so far the only real difference I see is that I am more apt to eat my fruit since it is zero points. I also think that since we are being more frugal and not eating out that weight watchers/eating better is a little easier. It really is just about keeping a balance in what I eat and keeping track of what I eat.

I just found out that we are doing a surprise family picture as a gift to my inlaws on Sunday. I don't know about you but I find that the first place I gain and lose weight is in my face. So I am really trying to eat well and stay focused so that my face can look as trim as possible in the pictures! Wish me luck!!


Kimberly said...

There is nothing like the success of doing something like running. When the lady tells me I am done for the day in my C25K I get a little bit high because it is one step closer to running.

Good for you for doing something that is good for you!

marie said...

Great job on the running :)