Saturday, July 5, 2008

5pm reset?

The last time I was on ww I tried starting my day at 5pm allowing me to eat my dinner and then accommodate the rest of my points during breakfast and lunch. It seems to me that I am more capable of controlling my eating during breakfast and lunch.  
     This would also help with my afternoon and evening snacking. On one hand if my points run out at 5 then it may help me wait until dinner instead of snacking. On the other hand if I want to snack in the evening then I may rethink it due to the fact that I will know that it may take away from my morning coffees haha. They would be the first thing to be cut of course! 
Soo thats the plan for this week. It takes a little of mental adjustment but change can be good and it will keep me on my toes!

PS Very exciting news H&M is moving into my mall in the fall woo I love that store. Now I just have t0 get skinny enough to fit in all their clothes! 

PSS Note to Trader Joe's....Please follow in H&M's excellent footprints. Maine needs love too.


Lena said...

Hey Jess - how much are you trying to lose? I have 15 to go...

Jess' s Food Coma said...

Hey Lena,
I am actually trying to lose 35-50lbs ideally. I'm not exactly sure because it's been so long since I have been more than 20lbs lighter than I am now. I'm not totally sure where I'll find my happy weight.