Friday, July 18, 2008


I had pizza tonight, it was regular crust with green peppers on top. I enjoyed it a lot, I managed to take my time and really enjoy what I was eating. When I was comfortable I stopped, I was satisfied. I ordered the pizza because I had 17 flex point left and one day to use them. I didn't HAVE to use them but I did. 
I then went to go babysit 2 hours later where the mother made pizza for us for dinner. I had already eaten so I didn't have any. WAIT free pizza and I didn't even pick one piece of pepperoni off the top. I was still full. 
I did end up feeling a little guilty though because there was so much pizza and I didn't eat any. It was like I felt bad that she made it for me and I didn't eat any of it. I won't lie I took a piece wrapped it in a paper towel and threw it away so she would think I at least ate one piece.  I still think that was a better choice than eating it. 
The bottom line is I was listening to my body, I didn't overindulge. Go Me. 

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