Friday, July 4, 2008

A road paved with good intentions.

I've been living my adult and most of my teenage life with good intentions. I treat people well, I am honest, and I do whatever I can to help anyone I can. My dieting life has also and continues to be one filled with good intentions. I intend to workout, eat well, and live a more balanced life. 
I make well thought out plans, I buy healthy groceries, and I set obtainable goals in my weight loss. 
Where is this whole life style going off the tracks? What gets in my way? Why is it that everyone else is worth my time and attention but not myself. Where do you go from here? When planning isn't working and you can't pull yourself off the couch. 
I suppose the answer to a broken plan is to create another one. To start off small and work up to the desired level of fitness that I want. To make a list of what is working and find a new route. To see what is stopping me and reconfigure. 
I intended this blog to be inspiring to others and to keep motivated however it seems to me it has turned in to a place to splash my failures. I am still not giving up though and I think that it is time to turn things around, pretend that WW is new. Move into a place that I can start fresh and forget how many times I have failed or how much weight I have gained back. 
It is so hard to view this as a lifestyle change and not just a diet. It is not easy and it never will be. Its time to stop putting off the hard work and jump in. 
Thank you all so much for leaving me encouraging comments, they really are the reason that I keep this blog going. 

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