Monday, July 14, 2008

Amazing weekend

I behaved amazingly this weekend. I packed healthy snacks for the drive, dinner was subway on the road, and no stops for chips or candy. I picked up yogurt for breakfast and I ate before I headed out to the wedding to prevent becoming irrationally hungry and I said no to cake. I managed to squeeze in a decent bike ride on Saturday with my little brothers and I had saved 20 of my flex points to cover any tough spots. I stayed on plan and drank all my water. I was so proud of myself because this is the first time I haven't given up on a weekend out of town. I didn't say screw it I can't manage my eating away from home. I did great.

I gained 2lbs. 

My body is unf*cking believable. I want to cry, scream and give up. But I didn't yet. I'm not sure how much longer I can go on with this without any change in my weight. I am working so hard and gaining (losing) nothing from it. Something has go to be wrong. I measure my servings, drink my water, journal everyday, I have lost nothing.  I'm pushing on for two more weeks if nothing changes after that I'm just going to stop eating completely. Ok not really but I am done with weight watchers and have no idea what to do next. It is the only thing that has ever help me lose weight (up to 15lbs, twice) I just don't know. 

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