Thursday, July 17, 2008

Assume I am following my points accurately, weighting, measuring, and drinking my water....I am. So maybe the lack of weight loss is because I need to lower my points? It is the only thing that I can think of that would be stopping me from losing any weight. Maybe my job isn't as active as I think it is. Maybe it's because I am approaching a new age bracket. Maybe I just need to drop my points by a couple. 
I think that I will drop my daily points down 2 and see what happens. This worries me only because when I know that I am running out of points for the day it makes me nervous. I think that I cannot possibly do it and I give up. Well that is actually my typical action in such situation however I am feeling strong. 
Why am I feeling so strong even though I am not losing anything and working so hard? Well I don't know. I am so used to just giving up but this time I am feel ok. I want to lose but I know that if I give up I won't but if I keep trying then I might. Giving up is no longer a choice. 
It's funny I know that I am at my highest weight I can feel it in my clothes but for some reason  I feel thinner. It is so strange. I feel strong, I feel more healthy, I feel much more ok. 

Now if only my pants fit. 

I'm going to keep on going, it's not easy but it will be easier someday.

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