Friday, October 24, 2008

I'm just a girl...

Yeah so I finally went to the running store to see about getting myself some new shoes and it was awkward. The salesperson was great she was really helpful and patient. I just felt like I was a fish out of water. I knew that I would. But I stepped outside my comfort zone and did it. 

She recommended a pair of Brooks, addiction is what they are called. Aparently I pronate a lot and have pretty flat feet. Ok so thats when it hit me I am such a girl ...the shoes were ugly. Well the ones I need are. I wanted flashy, fast looking shoes but really they aren't. I didn't buy any shoes today but I know now what I need.
 I actually found them cheaper online by $30 but I am feeling some guilt about not buying that the store. Is it ok to buy them online even though I used there service at the store? The only other perk to buying them at the running store is that they have a return/exchange program if it turns out that you don't like the shoes after a couple of runs. 
Arg. I am trying to not be cheap and make the best choice but really they are expensive shoes. I also am planning on buying an ipod shuffle that I can just clip to my shirt when I run. Right now I have a ipod touch but it is really too big to run with. Lucky for me the shuffles are under $50 now. 
SO any opinions? Any one tried Brooks brand shoes before?

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