Sunday, October 5, 2008


I have been so inspired by a blog that I came across. I isn't a weight loss blog but rather a food blog. You can find it at which is Kath eats real food and she photgraphs it everyday. The amount of effort put into presentation of her food is amazing and she can make oatmeal seem like a 5 star meal. Check it out it really puts into perspective how making food look pretty can make it more enjoyable.
 No more shoving food into my mouth in front of the tv, mindlessly. I am trying to  eat at the kitchen table and to really enjoy my food. I can already tell that I am eating less and appreciating the simpler things. Do you have any idea how beautiful fruit is? Cut it up lay it on a plate put a dallop of cool whip free or some granola. 
I also see a connection with the enjoyment of eating out and presentation. So I am going to try to plate my food and make an effort with the little things. 

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