Saturday, October 4, 2008

Meat and Potatoes kinda girl.

I have always struggled with idea of meals. In my mind a meal is a meat and a starch and that has got to change. I know that I would function much better using a 6 small meals plan. How do I wrap my mind around the idea that a yogurt and a piece of fruit is ok. 
Any tips on eating smaller meals? What should I eat that will last me through 4-5 hours? 

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Phoenixrising said...

Eggs are a great way to get some protien that'll keep you fueled for a while... Cottage cheese is great too, with some fruit in it...

6 mini meals is a great plan to go with when you think about how your body uses food/fuel... and how it burns it... more frequent smaller meals keeps the fire roaring longer. It takes a while to get into it, but once your body becomes accustomed to it, and knows that it's next meal is only few hours away... it'll be easier to feel satisfied with a yogurt and piece of fruit! Remember, getting past it, is all in your head!