Wednesday, October 22, 2008

To run or not to run?

I tried running for a little while and I had some trouble so I was hoping that I could get some answers from all you runners about what I should do.
1. I think I may have bought the wrong sneakers. WHen I run the outer part of my foot aches, is it my shoes? Or is it just something I have to toughen up and work through?

2. How do you keep your pants from falling down?? Seriously I carry my weight like a prego woman and once those pants start to slide its over and want to hit the ground. PS its really ahrd to run and hold up your pants. 

3. Where do I put my keys so they don't fall out of my pockets?

4. Is it worth it??

Please any answers would be LOVELY!!

Thank you again for any support and I really want to do this this time.  PS I love C25K


marie said...

1. get fitted at a RUNNING store, not a sports store.

2. Buy new pants :P

3. You can buy accessories like a fuel belt or one of those small pouches that clip onto the waistband of your pants. Better yet, buy a pair of running tights with a pocket!

4. Yes.

hannah katherine said...

haha, i understand your frustrations. i personally take my house key (or car key) and tie it through my laces so i dont have to carry anything extra. i think running is worth it - it's a fast way to drop weight...although i prefer spinning myself : )

Jess' s Food Coma said...

Marie- I did visit a running store today and found a pair of shoes that I will buy as soon as I can afford them.
Hannah- I love the laces idea thank you again!!