Saturday, October 4, 2008


I have to admit that I have been neglecting my calorie count logs. I've just been really sick, exhausted, and busy with school. I haven't been focused on writing everything down because it has been a lot of work simply staying upright and studying. 
Since I have been non accountable to my calorie count page I have been eating a lot of stuff that normally I would avoid including, Mcdonalds, M&Ms, loads of peanut butter toast, and I have been just doing a lot of extra snacking. 
Bright side I haven't gained, downside I haven't lost. I am feeling a lot more healthy though today and I know that I need to focus this week to make up for this weeks woops. 
BY the way, I have seen all the amazing work that everyone is doing on the Chubby Girls Challenge and it has really been a motivator for me so THANK YOU, all of you are doing amazing. 

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